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WFU - Tooling system for milling machines

The flexible and universal WFU tool system for machining centers has a wide selection of adapter variants. In combination with the extensions / reductions different versions and lengths are possible. This saves cost-intensive custom-made products. Designed for SK / BT / HSK machines.

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The advantages at a glance:

  • Short taper with plan part
  • Extreme high resistance
  • Lateral clamping by two threaded taper pins
  • Best fitting between the coupled elements (almost 0µ)
  • Highest runout accurancy and change precision 
  • Variably use on all common spindle systems
  • Supply with internal cooling system
  • Extremely slim design to work on narrow and deep drillings
  • Universal fine balancing with WF balancing elements * on all WFU adapters easy and as often as required possible. 

* Registered to the utility model in Germany

Areas of application at a glance:

  • Heavy duty machining
  • HSC-technology
  • Milling in toolmaking and mold making
  • Wood processing
  • Drilling/milling
  • Use in transfer lines

Functional features of the WFU connection:

The WFU components are connected to one another by means of two opposing (graduation 180 °) conical thread pins by a symmetrical bracing of the conical jacket and planar system. The conical thread pins have a tightening angle of 15 degrees and a fine thread with a pitch of 1 mm. The planar system has a concave section (hollow section) so that an optimum traction part is ensured in the outer region of the pillar diameter. The traction part of the large diameter in the cone jacket area on the planar system is optimized by the enlargement of the cone angle by approx. 40 ".

The plant strength is achieved by tensioning the two planes by means of the two conical pin studs. The perfect tightness of the connection is achieved by means of the form-fitting "radial / conical jacket - axial / planar system". Thus, even with extremely cantilevered tooling, the highest degree of concentricity is achieved. In the case of multi-cutting tools, this means a uniform cutting performance of all tool cutting edges, as a result of which an optimum service life is achieved.