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WFB quick-change system for lathes

The WFB quick-change system is a stable, compact and high-precision interface, which has been specially developed for turning technology. The WFB system comprises five different interface sizes. Over 500 adapter variants guarantee the greatest flexibility with regard to the adaptation of the optimum tool for your production tasks. Suitable for driven and static tools, the quick-change system can be used on all lathe machines (CNC lathes, swiss-type turning machines and multi-spindle turning machines).

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Why do you need a quick-change system for your machine?

In the area of machining centers, modular tooling systems have been standard for several years. Flexibility, productivity and, last but not least, precision were the main focus in the development of these systems. With the WFB interface, it is now also possible to use the advantage of a modular interface in the rotary range. Due to the pre-set tools of the quick-change system, the set-up and secondary times are reduced, resulting in a productivity increase of up to 300 %. The simplest operation and maximum precision represent an additional great potential for savings. Another advantage of the modular quick-change system is the optimum adaptation of the tool adapters to the particular machining situation. All this helps to reduce production times, to manufacture more precise parts and ultimately to increase the profitability of your lathe.

The WFB advantage

The taper/planned assets with cylindrical support guarentees highest precisiont (2µ) and absolute form closure.

Flexible                                                             Collets, Weldon, shrink chucks, to mention only the most important, can all be used in a basic holder. The handling is simple and practical.

The extremely compact design ensures optimum power transmission and system stiffness. This results in higher workpiece accuracies and improved productivity.

Optimized position of cutting edge
Turnover < 10 µ

Easy because of good accessible.

You require less expensive special toolholders and the tool life is considerably longer. The consequence is the significant minimization of your total tool costs. With the WFB system, we will help you to use your turning machine in the future in a truly economical manner, and to save expensive setup time. The new modular WFB system from W&F opens up completely new dimensions in manufacturing technology with regard to precision and flexibility.

Clamping mechanism
Extremely favorable due to 2 conical tapers.

pre-setting of the tools can be effected outside of the machine. Setting-up time will be nearly zero. Expensive machine dead time will be avoided.

Can be used both for driven and static tools, as well as for milling machines and machining centers.

Forward and inward possible.